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For the Love of Labradors

Our labradors are first and foremost family members, residing on 104 acres of serene countryside overlooking the Gippsland mountain ranges.

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With a strong passion for labradors, we are dedicated to improving the true labrador type through ethical breeding. Sound temperament, health, and conformation are of greatest importance to us.

As a Dogs Victoria member with a registered breeding kennel, all our labradors are hip and elbow scored, DNA tested for hereditary diseases known to the labrador breed, and ACES certified (eye tested). Each labrador has a full pedigree on the Main Register of the Australian National Kennel Council (the official registry body in Australia). We are also members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria.

We developed such an appreciation of labradors through our own beautifully-natured labs, that we want the true labrador type to flourish by sharing the excellent genetics we have in the breed. Our labradors have champion and international bloodlines behind them, including some of the most renowned labrador bloodlines in the world, and are working towards their own Australian Champion titles.

Our motivation is to create labradors who fulfill their purpose of bringing joy and companionship to their humans, aswell as being good examples of their breed by having all the attributes a labrador should have. Our labradors have captivating personalities, consistent temperaments, soundness in labrador type and structure, aesthetically beautiful faces, excellent conformation, and healthy physiques.

We celebrate purebred labradors through purposeful breeding of planned litters. Our puppies are raised in a loving and nurturing environment. They are socialized from a young age, and we work on the foundations of good manners and obedience training before they go to their forever homes.

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Wishing you the very best in 2023!


Dogs Victoria Membership Number: 3100048466

To confirm we are an ANKC registered breeder, please contact Dogs Victoria via email:

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB101743