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Updated March 2024


We wish her a life of adventures and happiness with her new family!













Adult yellow labrador available TO THE RIGHT HOME

Please read all the details first.


Name: Sasha

Pedigree name: Kodalihart Dream Sky High

Parents: Sohalispirit Skyla Mae RN and Grand Champion Kelindebar English Oak

Date of birth: 4 April 2021

Age: 2 yr, 9 months

Gender: female, not yet desexed, but will be

Microchip: 956000014507845

ANKC: 3100429616 (Main Register)

Health: DNA, hips and elbows, eye test all clear. Will have an up to date veterinary certificate. Vaccination and parasite control all current. She is in excellent health and fitness.


Specific conditions for her new home:

– forever home

– middle age or early retired age couple

– previous dog experience

– no other pets, dogs, or children

– to be mostly in-home or with you (not a yard dog)


Please only enquire if serious, and if you meet at minimum the above criteria. Further details to be provided. She is not free. Please visit our Kodalihart Labradors website to find out who we are and how we home puppies (although she is an adult dog).


Sasha would be available to only the right home who can provide her love and attention. The reason for rehoming her is that kennel life with the other dogs doesn’t suit her personality and she deserves to be in the home with a family. She is very affectionate, loves one-on-one time, loves lap smooching, enjoys fetch, swimming (she is a strong swimmer!), play with other dogs is fine, she is energetic and is ok on leash (more work could be done). She knows basic obedience, is crate-trained, house-trained, likes routine, and is happy to follow you around. She loves evening cuddles, but is then very content to sleep on her own bed. She can be jealous of sharing attention with other pets, therefore is suited to a one-pet only home.


Contact by email:


Sasha is such a pretty girl!



Our ‘Looking Fur Home’ is dedicated to finding Adults and Rescues their perfect home and family.

We believe all dogs deserve a family and feel like they belong. A home to be loved and grow old in. A home that will keep their best interests at heart. So, when we can help a dog in need of a loving home, especially a labrador, we will make it our mission to find him or her the place where they truly belong and be called family.

This may be:

  • A dog retired from a breeding program, either by us or one of our breeder associates. Sometimes breeders want to find a pet home for a retired dog, believing that each dog deserves the right to be spoilt one-on-one in a loving family of her own
  • A young adult dog who may initially have been retained and shown by the breeder to assess for breeding potential
  • An adult or young dog that has, for some reason, not been able to remain with his/her original family and is in need of a new forever home
  • A rescue dog who has been fostered until the perfect forever home is found

Buying a puppy is not for everyone. Some people want to bring an adult or older dog into their life. The reasons for this can be many, including: preferring not to go through the boisterous puppy-stage, not having the ability to train a young puppy, believing that older dogs need homes just as much as puppies, and older dogs make instant companions.

The benefits of getting an older dog include: the dog is already settled into life, temperament is observable, and the dog already has some valuable experiences in life.

For these people, an adult or older dog is more desirable and can fit perfectly into their life.

Please contact us and we will let you know if we or anyone we know, has an adult or older labrador available.

Just because we may not have an adult or older dog currently listed on our page, does not mean we don’t know of one looking for a home. We are in constant communication with many dog-related people and other breeders and it’s quite possible we might be able to point you in the right direction. Please contact us for more information.