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Our lovely girls are the foundation of Kodalihart.

The wonderful companionship that our labrador’s impart, motivates us to share them with you. They have captivating personalities, consistent temperaments, soundness in type and structure, aesthetically beautiful faces, excellent conformation, and healthy physiques.

They thrive in a loving nurturing environment. They are inseparably part of the family, whose health and well-being are all that matters. We are blessed to have them part of our lives.

Kodie – Aust Champion Sohalispirit Kodie Bear CCD RN

Kodie, our chocolate labrador, comes to us from Sohalispirit Labradors. She has a vibrant personality and entails everything a labrador should, …

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Skyla – Sohalispirit Skyla Mae RN

Skyla has the biggest heart! Her personality speaks volumes and she talks with her eyes. She has the sweetest demeanour that only wants to love, …

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Zara – Australian Champion Kodalihart Amagic Night

Our beautiful black labrador Zara, is outgoing and a very happy personality. She has a very promising future ahead of her …

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Charlee – Kodalihart Le French Desiree (AI)

Charlee is our latest addition to Kodalihart, progeny of Kodie, and is looking promising for her tender age …

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