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We hope you have arrived at this page because you are interested in a Kodalihart puppy as a result of visiting our other web pages, where you will have learned a lot about labradors, health testing, our ethics and passion in labradors. Welcome!

Kodalihart Labrador kennel has carefully planned litters a couple of times a year. Each puppy is precious to us. Their health and wellbeing are foremost. Our puppies are raised in a loving and nurturing environment.

Puppies are available to approved homes.

Buying a Puppy from Us

Puppies are available to approved homes. An approved home means a home that we are satisfied will provide the expected quality of care for the puppy and that ensures the puppy will live in a safe, secure, and suitable environment, where he or she will be contented and loved. We ...

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Our Breeding Ethic

The wonderful companionship that our Labradors impart, motivates us to share them with you, through ethical breeding of planned litters. Our aim is to improve the Breed Standard of the Labrador Retriever. We are members of Dogs Victoria, the state body of the Australian National Kennel Council who are the ...

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Current and Planned Litters

Born 20 May, 2022 Yellow and black puppies With our lovely Skyla, bred to Darryl (stud owned by Linda Adams)  Our current litter now have homes awaiting them, pending meeting families in the next few weeks. We receive many enquiries, and screen potential homes very carefully. At the moment, we ...

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Previous Litters


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Youngsters and Adults Available

Currently we have no youngsters or adults available for adoption. This does not mean that we do not know of someone else who does though, so please contact us and visit our ‘Looking Fur Home‘ page for more information about adopting youngsters, adults and rescues. There are several labrador rescue ...

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