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The wonderful companionship that our Labradors impart, motivates us to share them with you, through ethical breeding of planned litters.

Our aim is to improve the Breed Standard of the Labrador Retriever.

We are members of Dogs Victoria, the state body of the Australian National Kennel Council who are the official registry body in Australia for purebred dogs, and the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria.

As a member of Dogs Victoria, we abide by the Australian National Kennel Council Code of Practice and Victorian legislation, as well as the National Code of Ethics of Responsible Dog Ownership and Breeding.

We constantly strive to improve our knowledge of labradors, their breed history, genetics, blood lines, and health.

Our labradors are inseparably part of the family, loved and cared for, and have the highest quality of life.

As an ethical breeder, we ensure that the dogs and bitches being bred will only improve the labradors that are produced by their breeding. This means careful selection of dogs and bitches that firstly,

  • Meet the breed standard of labradors, and
  • Are outstanding examples of their breed
  • Have sound and correct structure, type, and movement
  • Hold the true labrador temperament and good personalities
  • Have the appropriate health and genetic checks and clearances
  • Are fit and appropriate to be bred
  • And whose wellbeing and health takes priority over anything else

The ANKC Code of Ethics and Code of Practice for Hereditary Diseases are our binding standards.