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Kodalihart Contract: Guarantee and Terms

At Kodalihart, our puppies come with a health guarantee. Our puppies go to their new homes in good health, with a Certificate of Health from our veterinarian.

Our health guarantee is part of our contract which applies to purchasing one of our puppies. We believe its the professional thing to do to memorialize our obligations to each other on paper so there are no questions later. If you have questions about specific terms, you need to contact us prior to picking up your puppy.

All ethical registered breeders will have a contract to sign, which includes a health guarantee. If you are not provided with a health guarantee from a breeder, you need give careful consideration to their ethics and responsibility, and ask the question, why not?

Our Health Guarantee is in compliance with Dogs Victoria Regulations, Codes, Policies, and Procedures, effective 15 September, 2019 : Breeding, Section 20.1.25.

In our contract and health guarantee, we discuss and outline conditions surrounding:

  • the rehoming of a Kodalihart puppy or dog by its new owner (should this ever happen)
  • our health guarantee, which covers the puppy from the date of pickup
  • responsibilities should the puppy’s health become unsatisfactory or if the puppy develops a disease or condition directly traceable to us (supported by veterinarian opinions)
  • development of hip or elbow dysplasia and cruciate disease
  • the new owner’s responsibility to sterilize the dog at the recommended age
  • the new owner’s responsibility to uphold the terms of sale of a ‘Limited Register’ dog which means the dog cannot be shown, bred or exported
  • the new owner’s responsibility to provide proper care of the puppy
  • our responsibilities to provide adequate information on raising the puppy, and ongoing support and advice

Our puppies go to their new homes in good health, with a Certificate of Health from the veterinarian.

If we suspect a puppy to have any sickness or injury, we take responsible measures to have this assessed by a veterinarian and we will disclose this to the new owner before transfer of ownership, right down to if we see the puppy has a scratch on it’s ear from another puppy.

You are welcome to read a copy of our Contract: Guarantee and Terms. Please email us.

Once you have made a deposit on a puppy, you will receive a copy of the contract that needs to be signed. Both of breeder and new owner retain a signed copy of this contract upon pick up of the puppy.

The breeder and the new owner agree to honour the terms of this contract, and the breeder provides a health guarantee to the buyer on the terms as listed.