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Current Litter

‘Dream Litter’

Born 20 May, 2022

Yellow and black puppies

With our lovely Skyla, bred to Darryl (stud owned by Linda Adams)

 Our current litter now have homes awaiting them, pending meeting families in the next few weeks.

We receive many enquiries, and screen potential homes very carefully.

At the moment, we are not taking further enquiries.

For information about buying a puppy from us, please visit our Buying a Puppy from Us page FIRST (page is always kept up to date with details on how to apply, how we select/approve homes, cost, puppy pack, etc).


‘Christmas Litter’

Born 20 December, 2021

Chocolate and black puppies

All puppies from this litter have settled into their homes.

Visit our Facebook page for litter photos and videos.





‘Sky Litter’

Born 7th April, 2021

Yellow puppies

Puppies have all settled into their new homes.





‘Star Litter’

Born 18 December, 2020

Five yellow and black puppies

All this litter have settled into their new homes and families.




Recent litter

‘Le French Litter’

Born: 4 April 2020

Chocolate litter

All this litter have settled into their new homes and families.








Previous litter

May 2019

‘Autumn Litter’

Sohalispirit Skyla Mae RN  x  Australian Champion English Oak

Yellow puppies arrived end of May

All puppies in this litter have homes

Visit our Facebook page for photos of this litter.






Previous litter

November 2018

Our previous litter in the whelping box were black puppies








Dogs Victoria Member: 3100048466

Please contact Dogs Victoria via email at to verify our membership

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB101743

Puppy Microchip Numbers:

We have a veterinarian certificate stating that our puppies cannot be microchipped before six weeks old, as it would significantly prejudice the health of the puppies. Puppies will be microchipped after six weeks of age.