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Updated 15/11/2022 – Taking expressions of interest for private rehoming of adult chocolate labrador


  • ANKC Registered Name:  Kodalihart Le French Chocolat (AI)  
  • Microchip:  953010004392989
  • ANKC Registered Number:  3100408543LR
  • Breed:  Labrador Retriever (purebred pedigree)    
  • Date of Birth:  04/04/2020             
  • Age:  2 years 6 months old
  • Sex:  Male (entire)
  • Colour / Description:  Chocolate
  • Breeder: Kodalihart Labradors
  • Litter: ‘Le French’ litter
  • Currently located: Watsonia (Melbourne)

 About me: Let me tell you about ME!

I’m two and a half years old. I have seven littermates – phew, big family! I have grown up in a home with two children, and I interact well with all the nieces and nephews too. I’m used to spending lots of time outdoors. My family’s situation has changed with work, travel, and personal circumstances. Which is why they would love to see me with a family who can provide me the exercise, training, and stimulation that I need as a young male dog. I am energetic and strong (of course, I’m a young bloke!), I would love to continue going to obedience classes and interact with humans and other critters. I’m working on leash manners, but you’ll help me with that won’t you? I am crate trained, and I sit nicely at mealtimes. They say I need to be desexed (I am the right age now). I consume a really healthy diet, combination of raw food and premium kibble which is what my breeder recommended. I like snacks such as berries, carrots, and apples! My veterinarian says I have a clean bill of health and am up to date with my vaccinations and worming. I will thrive on steady companionship, training, and consistency because I’m very intelligent and I’m apt to learn! Apparently, I’m a pretty spunky, good-looking guy, so if you’re interested, please contact my breeder for more information and to complete a questionnaire. If suitable, my breeder will then put you in touch with my current family.

I will only be considered for the right family, preferably with previous dog experience and no small children (so that he gets all the attention he deserves).

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Currently we have no youngsters or adults available for adoption.

This does not mean that we do not know of someone else who does though, so please contact us and visit our ‘Looking Fur Home‘ page for more information about adopting youngsters, adults and rescues.

There are several labrador rescue groups you could consider fostering or adopting from.