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Application for a Kodalihart puppy

Puppies are available to approved homes.

An approved home means a home that we are satisfied will provide the expected quality of care for the puppy and that ensures the puppy will live in a safe, secure, and suitable environment, where he or she will be contented and loved.

We need to meet potential owners in person before we approve a puppy. Our puppies’ happiness and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us.

Please contact us to be emailed our Puppy Application Questionnaire. Once we receive your Puppy Application Questionnaire, you will hear from us very soon and we will discuss your application, and look forward to meeting you. Tell us as much about yourself as possible, this helps us understand why we should consider you for a Kodalihart puppy.

Once approved for a Kodalihart puppy, we’ll let you know and then we will add you to our approved homes list until the puppies are ready to leave us at eight weeks old, or until we have the next litter available.

A puppy will be matched to a compatible individual or family based on temperament, purpose, and the puppy’s individual qualities. Because we raise the puppies for the first eight weeks of their lives, we know each individual puppy best.


Enquiring about or applying for a Kodalihart puppy does not automatically guarantee you a puppy at this time, or from any future litter. The breeder reserves the right to decline any puppy placement at any time. This could happen if the future home becomes unsatisfactory or is deemed no longer suitable for a Kodalihart puppy, in the event of death of a puppy, or if we become dissatisfied with the health of a puppy prior to transfer of ownership.


What our puppies come with

Our puppies come microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, and veterinarian health certified, along with ANKC pedigree papers, comprehensive puppy pack, our health guarantee, and ongoing support and advice for the life of the puppy.

Plus, invitation to join our Kodalihart Labrador Family (private Facebook group for all our puppy parents) to share your puppy’s adventures, safe place to ask questions and share knowledge, watch your puppy’s siblings grow up and keep in touch with the breeder – us! We love to see our puppies growing up and the lovely memories they make with their new families. This is extremely rewarding!

Kodalihart puppies go home with their very own comprehensive Puppy Pack that we have created.


Included in our Puppy Pack:

  • Kodalihart Puppy Handbook – comprehensive information for you about caring for your puppy, including charts, pictures, and demonstration
  • Litter blanket with mothers / littermates scent on it, so the puppy feels at home in his new bed with his new family
  • Toys, water bowl, water, baby wipes, poop bags
  • 2.5kg of HyproPremium dry food to get started on at home
  • Kibble sample packs and information brochures (for HyproPremium, Meals for Mutts, and ZiwiPeak)
  • Four days of our Puppy Appropriate Raw Mix (frozen meat and veg portions) to get started on at home – bring an esky when you pick up your puppy (not shown in photo below)
  • Training treats
  • Photo frame and complimentary fridge magnet
  • Document holder with official papers, including:
  • Registration papers and microchip transfer paperwork
  • Copies of parents pedigrees and health tests
  • Written Health Guarantee
  • Your copy of the contract with outlined Guarantee and Terms
  • Veterinarian Certificate of Health
  • Puppy Passport / Vaccination record
  • Vaccination, worming, and parasite control schedule (chart format for easy use)
  • We can provide a USB stick with puppy photos if you would like


When you pick up your puppy we:

  • Talk you through our comprehensive Puppy Pack Handbook
  • Discuss and sign official documents and registrations
  • Teach new owners how to trim the puppies toenails with a demonstration
  • Explain diet, nutrition, healthcare, training, exercise
  • Explain obedience training and demonstrate foundation training (there is a large training section in our Puppy Pack Handbook too)


We provide a thorough puppy handover so you know how to take care of and raise your puppy. Allow about 60-90 minutes for puppy handover. Every Kodalihart puppy is precious to us and will get the best start at life with our comprehensive puppy pack and handover.


What do our puppies cost?

Our litters are from top quality bloodlines and produce progeny with reliable temperament, type, structure, and health.

Though the cost of producing a quality litter of pups is huge (in the many, many thousands), on our part, no expense is spared in aiming to produce the highest quality puppies we can.

The cost of a puppy from us is in line with most Victorian registered Labrador breeders. Please contact us for cost.

Generally, people understand that they are paying for the quality of the puppy that they are adopting. Health and temperament are what pet owners consider the most important aspects when considering where to buy a puppy from. Our puppies come with a health guarantee.



Deposit for a Puppy

Once a home has been approved and we have puppies available, a $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required, though usually not before the pups are 3 weeks old.

The deposit holds the puppy for the buyer until collection in person at 8 weeks old.

Only in the event of these circumstances will the deposit be refunded:

  • In the event of death of the puppy, or
  • If the breeder becomes dissatisfied with the health of the puppy prior to transfer of the puppy to new owner, or
  • If the previously-approved home becomes unsatisfactory or is deemed no longer suitable for a Kodalihart puppy by the breeder

Transfer of paperwork is completed at the time the new owner picks up the puppy, when the balance is settled at pickup.

Choosing the Puppy

A puppy will be matched to a compatible individual or family based on temperament, purpose, and the puppy’s individual qualities. Because we raise the puppies for the first eight weeks of their lives, we know each individual puppy best.

We tend not to choose the puppies for their homes until 6-7 weeks old, because they are still developing and are too young to thoroughly assess their qualities before this age. However, if by way of example, you have requested a yellow girl, were the first to forward a deposit, and there was only one yellow girl born, then you will be allowed the opportunity of this yellow girl (unless we are keeping a puppy, as we retain first rights).


Going Home

The puppy needs to be picked up in person by the new owner around 8 weeks old (not before 8 weeks old, and ideally before 10 weeks old). Once the puppy reaches 8 weeks old, it is important to be homed with his or her forever family for: effective bonding at this critical age, social development, and so that the foundations for behaviour, manners, toilet-training, and obedience can be established.

Keep in mind, that you cannot board a puppy until fully immunized which cannot be done until 10-12 weeks old. If you have a holiday or trip planned or events that would conflict with a young puppy, please let us know beforehand.

Under some circumstances, if we agree to hold a puppy beyond 10 weeks of age, you’ll be asked to pay for the puppy in full, and contribute toward the puppy’s food and worming expense until collection. This ensures the puppy has a home and family to depend on.  Arrangement would be on an individual basis between us (breeder) and you (new owner).

When you come to pick up your puppy, you’ll need a secure way of transporting him. Dogs must be restrained for car travel (by law). So a crate, pet barrier, or dog seat belt/harness is necessary (portable crate is ideal). You’ll also need a leash and collar, and an esky (to store his first few days of meals that we provide). At pick up, we’ll demonstrate how to trim his nails, how to check his ears, eyes and teeth, and we’ll go through our puppy pack thoroughly. You can ask us any questions you like at anytime!

Contract, Health Guarantee and Terms

We have a contract that applies to purchasing one of our puppies. We believe its the professional thing to do to memorialize our obligations to each other on paper so there are no questions later. If you have questions about specific terms, you need to contact us prior to picking up your puppy.

You are welcome to read a copy of our Contract: Guarantee and Terms. Please email us.

Once you have made a deposit on a puppy, you will receive a copy of the contract that needs to be signed. Both of breeder and new owner retain a signed copy of this contract upon pick up of the puppy.

The breeder and the new owner (buyer) agree to honour the terms of this contract, and the breeder provides a health guarantee to the buyer on the terms as listed.

Pup Return

Any puppy from our home always has a home here, and will never experience the fear and burden of life at shelter. Returns and terms are detailed in our contract.

Registration Papers

Your puppy is a Registered Purebred labrador retriever pup, and will come with an Australian National Kennel Council pedigree certificate. Please visit our Registration and Pedigree page.

We endeavour to provide you the pedigree certificate as soon as we receive them back from Dogs Victoria.

Litter registration cannot happen until the puppies are microchipped – this cannot happen before six weeks old. Once microchipped by a veterinarian, we sent Dogs Victoria the litter registration form. Dogs Victoria sends us all the puppies pedigrees and we forward them to you.

Due to Dogs Victoria processing time, which is outside of our control, your pedigree certificate may come to you via mail, after you have picked up your puppy.

Your puppy is sold on Limited Register – which means you cannot show, breed, or export the dog at any time.


A condition of sale of all Kodalihart puppies is that you will sterilize the dog (otherwise known as spay, neuter, or desex).

  • Sterilization should occur between 12-24 months of age.
  • Sterilization is discussed under our Care and Health section
  • We will honour the health guarantee in our contract, providing the dog has not been sterilized before 12 months old (unless otherwise discussed/arranged with the breeder)
  • A sterilization certificate from a qualified veterinarian needs to be sighted by us for the health guarantee to be honoured


Please visit our Gallery, Previous Litters, or our Facebook Albums for more puppy photos.