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We have owned dogs for fourteen years but loved animals even longer … all our lives, having grown up with pets in our house and yard.

Our love of labradors has cultivated into something beautiful that we can share with others, through showing, training, and breeding labradors. Our labradors are first and foremost family members, residing on 104 acres of serene countryside overlooking the Gippsland mountain ranges at our property Mountain View Rise.

Our first dogs were two beautiful german shepherds called Max and Mya (named after the dogs on the movie Eight Below). They shared eight precious years with our family everywhere we went. Mya was such a sweetie, though she affectionately took all the family ‘under her paw’. When Mya passed away (two months after Max, from unrelated causes), there was a huge hole in our hearts and in our family.

It was too soon to get another german shepherd, but we knew we had to have another four-legged friend. Mya would want us to continuing sharing the love in our hearts with another canine friend, so we adopted our next dog – our foundation labrador Kodie Bear.

The name Kodalihart was born from Kodie being the heart that this kennel was founded on (‘hart’ is the Dutch spelling of heart.)

The wonderful companionship that our labradors impart, motivates us to share this with you. Our labradors have captivating and loving personalities, consistent temperaments, soundness in labrador type and structure, aesthetically beautiful faces, excellent conformation, and healthy physiques. They thrive in a loving nurturing environment, thus making for the best companion who could ever be at your side.

Our labradors are very affectionate and playful! They attend dog obedience training, obedience trials, conformation shows, the beach and lakes, love going for walks, visiting the aged care nursing homes, running beside the bike, and playing with other dogs. Or simply being with and following their humans. They enjoy grassed kennel runs, with ample shade and shelter, sand boxes for digging, splash pools to cool off in, and plentiful toys, treats, and bones for mental stimulation, especially when we’re at work (we are both nurses).

As registered members of Dogs Victoria, all our labradors are hip and elbow scored, DNA tested and profiled, and ACES certified (eye tested). Each labrador has full pedigrees and genealogy on the Mains Register of the Australian National Kennel Council (the official registry body in Australia).

We value the wellbeing and health of our labradors above all else, therefore we only have planned litters, to carefully chosen sires who are also registered full pedigree dogs with the same health tests and requirements as our girls.  Each puppy is precious to us, and their health and wellbeing are our responsibility therefore our puppies are available only to approved homes.

Please browse our website pages to continue your journey towards finding your wonderful four-pawed companion.


Rachel and Hannah




You are also welcome to visit us on Facebook or Dogzonline (official registered breeder listing site).


Dogs Victoria Member: 3100048466

To confirm our ANKC membership, please contact Dogs Victoria via email:

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB101743